Our asset management and our paralegal teams have teamed up their knowledge of AIFMD regulatory constraints and processes efficiency to ensure that our clients, whether white label alternative investment fund managers (AIFMs), fund sponsors, GPs or initiators – through their in-house or 3rd party service provider AIFM – can easily and promptly market their Luxembourg alternative investment funds (AIFs) or other European Economic Area (EEA) Member State AIF and managed by a Luxembourg AIFM in another Member State of the EEA than Luxembourg:

  • Monitoring of gold-plating requirements imposed by each EU regulator to ensure that they are dealt with before documents and application forms are submitted to the CSSF (e.g. disclosure requirements checks, payment of upfront fees in France, Germany, local paying agent in Spain, etc.)
  • Collection of AIFs’ documents by providing a list considering relevant jurisdictions in which the AIF is intended to be marketed
  • Completing and submitting CSSF form 15/612 (AIF’s registration with the CSSF – prerequisite to AIFMD marketing request)
  • Preparation of CSSF notification letter and completion of all forms for validation and sign off by the client 
  • Managing back-and-forth comments with the CSSF (if any) until notification for marketing is obtained

Our AIFM Marketing Tool is one of the services we offer through our Asset Management Advisory. To visit the Asset Management Advisory page and download our brochure, please click here.