“Base Consult” brings together advisers with experience in providing high-quality tax advisory and tax litigation services. Our specialists demonstrated their skills in recognized (Big4) international consulting companies.

Full support during tax audit procedures, in particular:

  • Pre-tax inspection review and advisory services, identification of tax issues and solutions
  • Support during tax audit procedures and protection of taxpayer interests. Provision of a tax opinion on issues identified during tax audit
  • Drafting of a claim (appeal) on tax audit act to the State Revenue Committee (SRC) Appeal Body and presentation of the interests of a taxpayer at the SRC
  • Full scope representation of taxpayers interests at the court litigation against the SRC

Tax support within application of Double Tax Treaties (DTT) signed by the Republic of Armenia in prevention of double taxation of income and capital, in particular:

  • Tax advisory services on application of DTT provisions, monitoring of cross-border transactions, assistance in practical application of DTT provisions
  • Tax advisory services to Multinational Entities (MNE) and Holdings, monitoring of current shareholding structures with possible optimization plans.

Provision of ongoing tax advisory services, in particular:

  • Review of taxpayers tax returns before submission to the SRC
  • Drafting and submitting of a written requests to the SRC on ambiguous and contradictory provisions of the Tax Code of Armenia, analysis of the answers received and further tax strategy implementation.